Rainbow on a Sunday afternoon


Back to the blog, hurrah!

The last few weeks have been very busy, filled with portfolio work and slightly more terrifying… Job applications!

When applying for a job as a junior doctor in the foundation programme, the UK is split into 21 deaneries (regions) and as part of the application process you have to rank them all in order of preference for where you would like to work. With this now done, it is a waiting game -a game that involves lots of work for imminent exams and then on March 5th all will be revealed and next year’s new junior doctors will be allocated a deanery for work.

With finals around the corner (6 week countdown has begun!) most of this weekend was spent in the library. This was quite uneventful, so I won’t bore you with all the details of how many pages of revision notes have been made and how many hot chocolates have been consumed (as a child at heart I am yet to acquire the taste for tea or coffee).

This afternoon I took a revision break and went to Ashton Court for a walk in my wellies with my sisters and my sister’s boyfriend. This is something I absolutely love about autumn and winter, I find just being outside in the cool country air so refreshing. There is nothing better than putting on wellies and going for a walk in the crunchy leaves and getting your boots all muddy. There is something about it that is just so carefree and brings me back to those endless happy days of childhood.

The walk was just what I needed after a busy week and long weekend of study. We were even lucky enough to (mostly) dodge the rain showers that were forecast for the whole day. There also happened to be an ice cream van halfway along the walk (bonus!) so naturally we felt the need to replenish that blood glucose with a mint chocolate chip ice cream (delicious).

Whilst at the ice cream van a little girl came by on her scooter. The path we were on was wide and to one side there was a fairly deep puddle. Of course the only appropriate route for child and scooter was to go straight through said puddle, and how much enjoyment she had from this! Isn’t it funny how easily a child’s mind can find pleasure in these little things -I have to admit though, even at 22 years of age, I still love cycling through puddles with my legs out to avoid the splash oh and of course I can’t keep track of how many mole hills I jump on…!

Ashton Court

Ashton Court

When on a walk with trees in the vicinity it is hard not to spot the ones that look perfect for climbing. And so that is exactly what I did. Luckily this did not involve any trips to the eye hospital -when I was 6 years of age, I climbed a tree during lunch break (I must have been a little rebellious as a child as tree climbing was not permitted at school). Having climbed the tree, I then also managed to fall out of the tree. No broken bones, but one very bruised eye resulted in a trip to the eye hospital the following day -I remember this fondly as I had the whole day off school with my mum and was allowed two treats from the paper shop (a creme egg and tic tacs). It didn’t put me off though, I still love a good tree climb!

A lovely end to a productive weekend.


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