Party in the bank account and Sunday baking

So this weekend turned into a bit of a party for my bank account..

With my old laptop about to give up the ghost, and great reviews from my sister and friends, I decided to take the leap and replace it with a Mac. So I am now blogging from a MacBook Pro retina display -day 2 and so far I have been very impressed with this upgrade! More on the Mac when I have had time to play around and can review it properly.

So after acquiring the Mac, one of my first tasks was to renew the tax for my car. This is of course the time that you also discover that the MOT has expired… at 16.45 on a Saturday and with the tax expiring on Monday. After 6 phone calls I managed to locate the only garage in Bristol that will do an MOT on a Sunday and so I grabbed their last space. But the fun didn’t stop there. One failed MOT later and 4 new tyres to pass the MOT (on top of the splash out for the Mac).. my wallet is feeling a little lighter today.

So now for some more indulgence on a Sunday afternoon:



Mars bar crispy cake (made with my sister)

A quick and yummy treat on a Sunday after a very busy weekend.


  • Mars bars x4
  • butter 200g
  • rice crispies (as many as you want -I used about 200g)
  • chocolate 250g

Melt the mars bars with approx 125g of butter, stirring at times until a smooth mixture is formed. Then add the rice crispies, mix together well, and press into a baking tray. Melt the chocolate with the remaining butter and pour on top to form a smooth layer of chocolate covering -as thick as you like! Leave in the fridge to set for as long as you can resist eating -if you’re really hungry you can always put it in the freezer (that’s what I did!)

Enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Party in the bank account and Sunday baking

    • awww bless you! I’m hoping to do more baking this weekend -I find it a really good way to take a break from work and the million other things on the never-ending ‘to do list’
      I LOVE my mac ❤ hehe still so much to explore on it!
      sorry for the late reply -I've only just seen your comment hehe! still getting to grips with blogging 🙂


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